Staff Bios

Marion County Team

Robin Winkle, Clinic Administrator
Robin has worked with Shangri-La for over 30 years developing specialized funding and operating programs for individuals with disabilities throughout the Organization. Robin is acting as the Clinic Administrator providing oversight to Shangri-La’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (Marion/Lane Counties) and has worked in coordination with others to develop the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. As the Homeless Services Director, Robin oversees Shangri-La’s Homeless Programs in Marion, Polk, Lane, and Lincoln Counties which provide housing and supports to over 65 homeless individuals and families each year.
Alicia Myers, MS CMHC, QMHP
Alicia Myers is currently Shangri-La's mental health therapist. She has a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling with a specialization in trauma and crisis management. She is currently working on her hours towards licensure. Alicia is also a certified trainer for Collaborative Problem Solving. Contact Alicia regrading training in Collaborative Problem Solving by emailing her here.
Cynthia Shaver, LPC, NCC
Cynthia is the Outpatient Mental Health Clinical Supervisor. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oregon, with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Cynthia has a wide degree of training and experience using different treatment modalities in the areas of: Forensic Psychology and Pre-Commitment services, risk assessments, working with the Severe and Persistent Mentally Ill, individual, couples and family counseling. Cynthia also has experience teaching undergrad psychology courses as an adjunct instructor.
Jessica Webb
Jessica is an ANCC Board Certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with several years prescribing experience in community mental health.
Mike Norman, QMHA, MPA
Mike Norman is a QMHA, Skills Builder and Case Manager who comes to Shangri-La with 12 years of experience working with children, adults and families experiencing challenges with mental health, addictions, disabilities, poverty, and an array of barriers to their personal successes and health. Mike also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies as well as a Master’s in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. Mike has a passion for helping each individual person live their best life, live as their best self and enjoy their life. Mike believes that through effective case management, skill building, therapy and medication management, that any person served by the Shangri-La Outpatient Mental Health Clinic can live their best life and thrive.
Hannah Shuholm
As a Peer Support Specialist, Hannah works one-on-one with individuals to support them in their journey of recovery with mental health diagnosis and co-occurring issues. As someone who has walked the road of recovery, she specializes in the areas of anxiety and depression and utilizes her experiences to relate to and support fellow peers. By maintaining the belief that individuals can, and do, recover, using a person-centered approach, and focusing on an individual’s strengths, Hannah works to support others in reaching their goals however they are defined. She also works as a Behavior Consultant and brings experience working with both Mental Health and I/DD individuals. Hannah is a certified instructor for the Oregon Intervention System and hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Annie Leno, QMHA
Annie is the Medical Administrative Assistant of Shangri La’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OPMH), where she schedules appointments, coordinates care, including insurance authorizations for mental health care and medications. Annie has worked with well known health care organizations, including hospitals and wellness centers. She has an undergraduate degree in Medical Office Administration. Annie is passionate about helping new and established clients schedule appointments, provide medical records management, and answer questions about services offered at the OPMH Clinic. You can expect to be greeted in a respectful, warm, and comforting manner by her, whether on the telephone or in person.Annie is a true animal lover with two dogs, two cats, and two rescued birds, and considers each one her baby. She is an active member of local benevolent organizations that promote the welfare and enrichment of happiness, the spirit of American patriotism, and cultivate good fellowship by supporting Veterans and youth.
Phoebe Shaver, Volunteer Therapy Dog
Phoebe is the volunteer therapy dog of Shangri-La’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. She provides calm and friendly support to Cynthia Shaver’s clients and is a friend to all who visit the clinic. She has been practicing therapy for 1 year with the clinic and is a valuable asset to the team. Phoebe looks forward to working with you.
Curtis Brown
Straight from the Digital World, Curtis Brown serves as our Software Administrator. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology, as well as professional experience in both higher education administration and digital application development.