Coastal Firewood

Coastal Firewood supplies firewood products to stores and businesses from Coos Bay to Pacific City.

Our most popular products include:

• “Campfire-in-a-Bag”
All the materials you need to make a campfire (minus the matches) in one bag. Just light the bag and enjoy. Campfire burns for approximately 1-2 hours. Most of the materials used inthe making of our “Campfire-in-a-Bag” are recycled from other Shangri-La businesses.
• Bundled Kindling • Bulk and Bundled Firewood

Your purchase provides opportunity.
Our supportive work environment provides Oregonians with disabilities the opportunity to learn skills and contribute to their communities Coastal Firewood provides workers with disabilities the opportunity to operate different tools, measure and count products, learn wrapping and packaging, as well as loading and delivering firewood to customers.