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and finding community

Helping individuals with disabilities explore their interests, build relationships, and experience life in their community.

 Life ENrichment Activities Program 

"LEAP is something I look forward to everyday."
~Renee, LEAP participant

The Life Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP) is a day activity program for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.Through small group, community-based activities, LEAP participants discover interests, explore community attractions, build relationships, and participate in volunteer opportunities. 


Services aim to:

  • Provide the support necessary to build and strengthen relationships between family members, friends, and members of the local community.

  • Find places where an individual’s interest, culture, talent, and gifts can be contributed and shared with others with similar interests.

  • Provide opportunities for people to do things they enjoy as well as new and interesting things that involve the broader community. 

  • Support participation in clubs, association, and organizations as members and in decision-making capacities.

  • Increase the skills necessary to initiate, plan and engage in activities - alone or with others – out in the individual’s community.


Skill-building is incorporated into the program's daily activities. We work with individuals on things like:

  • waiting your place in line,

  • appropriate eye contact,

  • respecting personal space,

  • taking turns in a conversation,

  • recognizing hazards or unsafe situations in the community,

  • using watches, phones, computers, clocks, maps, street signs, calendars, bus schedules, community landmarks, signage & symbols, alarms, etc.


Activities are non-employment services that are not duplicative of the services delivered as part of Shangri-La’s CES Program.

Service Area

Marion County

Eligibility  Information

Individuals must be at least 18 years of age, have a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability, and an established Marion County Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP) or brokerage case manager who can make a referral for services if applicable.

For more information, contact:



Life Enrichment Activities Program



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