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At our 

very core

Shangri-La's mission, vision and values drive our daily work, direct our future, and guide our interactions.  



the reason we exist

Serve individuals with disabilities or disadvantages so they may recognize and achieve their potential.



the change we hope to see

Communities where all people are accepted for their abilities and celebrated for their successes. 



how we do our work

Turn the pages. Don't just scan the cover. 


How we live this value:

  • We are curious about what makes a person thrive. 

  • We create safe spaces for the expression of respectful individuality. 

  • We listen. 

  • We see strengths. 

  • We champion choice. 

  • We do with, not for. 

Show up and go the distance.

How we live this value:

  • We do what we say we will do. 

  • We acknowledge reality but stay solution-focused. 

  • We assume positive intent. 

  • We accept that change is unavoidable and sometimes messy. 

  • We don’t dodge difficult conversations. 

  • We start as a team and end as a team around one mission. 

Don't drive on an empty tank.

How we live this value:

  • We know when we are at our best, we can help others be
    their best. 

  • We take time to learn and grow. 

  • We celebrate small wins, laugh, and make deposits of kindness. 

  • We care for the relationships and resources that make possible the present and the future. 

  • We know when we need to take a step back before having to take a step away. 

Lead change in your corner of the world.

How we live this value:

  • We exhibit personal initiative. 

  • We act with courage as role models for accessibility and inclusion. 

  • We seek to understand and spread empathy. 

  • We participate in self-reflection to understand our experiences and biases. 

  • We act with a powerful and kind voice. 

These values were adopted as the new organizational values June 2020.

history of a mission

Despite changes over the years, Shangri-La's mission has  always reflected a passion for and commitment to enriching lives.

The Beginning - 1963

That they may have individual fulfillment, personal dignity and happiness.


Shangri-La promotes personal achievement through increasing the ability for individuals to contribute​, influencing community change, and encouraging independence. 


Early 2000s

Homes, jobs, supports ... one person at a time. 


Shangri-La's current mission and vision statements were adopted in 2014. 

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