Shangri-La works with several advocacy organizations to help support issues that have a direct impact on  Shangri-La's mission and vision, and our ability to provide the best services possible to the individuals we support.


We invite you to learn about these important issues and join us in advocating for change.

2021 Oregon Legislative Session bill watch
SENATE BILL 5529 + house bill 2964 



Fully fund I/DD Direct Support Professionals in SB 5529!


POP 119 - $34.4M GF 
This closes the hole from 2019-21/rolls up to 21-23 and ensures no significant rate/wage reductions. Includes 3.2% across the board rate increase in the current rate models in the 1st year of the biennium and new rate models in 2nd year of biennium.
Average DSP Wage: $14.82


POP 120 - $36.6M GF
This funds rates and wages to about 80% of full funding needed, or about a 3% rate increase across the board
Average DSP Wage: $15.31


Fully Funded Rate Model - $48.8M 
Average DSP Wage: $17.81


HB 2964 - $110.2M 
This policy bill ensures direct support professionals are funded at least 150% of the metro area minimum wage.
Average DSP Wage: $21.00

HB2964 moves the average wage for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to 150% of minimum wage (based on Portland-Metro minimum). This not only means a significant increase in DSP and other wages, but it creates promise for the future by ensuring that wages for these essential workers keep pace each time minimum wage goes up.

The current low wages for DSPs (currently averaging only $13.94 per hour statewide) results in chronic staffing shortages, increased burnout, necessary utilization of stated funded subsidies, and high turnover rates. Funding HB2964 will create a sustainable solution to this harsh reality.


Not to mention, this group of workers is the primary component in helping individuals with disabilities thrive at home, at work, and in their community. DSPs are critical in helping achieve diversity, equity and inclusion for people with disabilities. 


SB5529 and HB 2964 are the solution to a long term issue. Contact your local legislators and let them know how important this bill is to our community! 

Use the one-click tool on the Oregon Resource Association's Action page to send a pre-messaged email to your legislator.​​ Just add your personal message and contact information.

Hear why HB2964 is so important
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 4.31.40 PM.png

On April 13, 2021, advocates of HB 2964 testified to the Human Services Joint Committee On Ways and Means Subcommittee. At 52:30, Shangri-La DSP Teri Rust shares her experience being a DSP after watching her mom be a DSP growing up. (Click picture above to watch testimony).

To learn more about current national and state issues affecting individuals with disabilities or disadvantages, visit these partner pages. 

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