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Janet Yousey selected as Shangri-La's New CEO

Shangri-La’s Board of Directors announced in late March that Janet Yousey will serve as Shangri-La’s new chief executive officer. Yousey will succeed Karen Rutledge who announced her retirement from the position earlier this year.

“Janet possesses the creativity, inspiration and leadership needed to guide this organization into a challenging but exciting future,” said Nick Bender, Shangri-La board president, in a video announcement to Shangri-La employees.

Yousey has been part of Shangri-La’s executive leadership team since 2013, holding various roles related to organizational and talent development. Her previous experience includes consulting work focused on organizational assessment, strategic planning, and leadership development.

“I am incredibly excited and beyond humbled to have been chosen as CEO,” said Yousey. “I am looking forward to working with the Shangri-La team and our community partners to deepen our organizational culture, strengthen our community presence, build inclusive communities, and continue to provide life enriching support to those we serve.”



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