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Shangri-La offers Rent Well courses to tenants

Photo of the hands of a caucasian man and woman. In their hands are the keys to their new home.

Shangri-La is now one of the many agencies offering Rent Well courses to tenants they support. Currently in 17 counties throughout Oregon, Rent Well is a tenant-based program that focuses on how to be a successful renter. The program was developed for those who have had prior barriers to accessing and maintain rental housing.


Course topics include understanding a landlord’s expectations, rights and responsibilities as a tenant, budgeting, practical communication skills, maintaining a rental unit, and how to move in and out successfully. The curriculum is broken up into twelve, 70-minute sections (14 total hours) which can be taken in-person or online. All courses are taught by certified instructors.


Rent Well students not only learn tools to help them maintain stable housing in the future, but they also get to see a copy of their rental background report, like the one a landlord would see and base rental decisions on.


Eligible graduates from the Rent Well receive a graduation certificate and get to offer potential landlords the opportunity to register for the Landlord Incentive Program which gives them access to the Oregon Housing Community Service’s Rent Guarantee Program.

If a graduate leaves the landlord’s rental unit within the first year and owes unpaid rent, damages, or legal fees beyond what the security deposit covers, the program will pay the landlord up to a certain amount to cover those additional costs.


Shangri-La intends to engage participants in its supported living and housing assistance programs in the Rent Well program.


“Through the program, we hope to give the individuals we work with an even greater chance of finding safe, accessible and stable housing,” said Robin Winkle, director of operations and homeless services at Shangri-La.


To learn more about the Rent Well program or find a Rent Well partner agency in your area, visit:




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