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Three Shangri-La DSPs win awards for providing outstanding supports

Annually, the Oregon Resource Association recognizes the outstanding contributions of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) throughout the state of Oregon at their annual Northwest Conference. Three DSPs from Shangri-La, Kristina Tennimon, Marcy Hendricks, and Tyrell Wilbert, received Works of Heart Recognition Awards at this year's virtual ceremony.


In Kristina’s nomination, her manager refers to her as “The Night-Watch Woman” as Krissy usually covers the evening shift on her own. In most homes, this is a quiet time in the house, but not in Kristina’s. There are one or two individuals in her care that prefer to be up at those hours. “Krissy somehow has the superpower that allows her to connect with individuals and she shows the upmost respect to the people that she always supports.” Her manager even shared a time when the dryer caused the fire alarm to go off and Kristina successfully evacuated everyone in the house, including one individual that had previously refused any attempt at a fire drill for a long time.


Tyrell also works the night shift in his home and he has been an excellent listening ear to the some of the individuals-served who are night owls. “[Night time] is a time where things may be weighing heavily on their mind and they have Tyrell to chat with,” his manager, Shana, explained. “He has an open, calm demeanor where he is very approachable and helps people feel comfortable sharing and talking with him.” He is there to help them debrief at the end of the day and to help pump them up for the following day. “He has a way of relating to people that helps their worries melt away as they feel heard and validated,” Shana wrote.


In Marcy’s nomination, her manager shares how Marcy is a champion at finding activities for the people in her care to be involved in. Before the pandemic, Marcy was facilitating all types of outings, but when community outings started to close down due to Covid-19 restrictions, Marcy turned her efforts into making the house an entertaining place. “It takes a very special DSP to make time at home enjoyable with favored activities,” her manager, Shana, wrote. “Having meaningful conversations and lots of joking around when you would rather be out enjoying your local community. She really makes the environment in the home throughout all of this fun and relaxed and everyone is comfortable and content, despite what is going on in the world.”

Congratulations to all of this year's nominations and winners -- at Shangri-La and across the state!



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