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Closure of businesses allows for greater focus on integrated, community employment supports

After much consideration regarding mission impact and alignment with the vision, Shangri-La is closing its All Seasons Grounds Care businesses and coastal janitorial services, which employed individuals with disabilities, as of January 29, 2021.

Although these programs have provided many meaningful employment opportunities to individuals served over the years, for over a decade now, Oregon has been moving away from sheltered and segregated employment services towards integrated employment at community businesses.

Given the low number of individuals served in these programs currently due to COVID-19 restrictions, Shangri-La felt like it is a prime opportunity to solidify a change in Shangri-La’s employment services philosophy and fully embrace integrated employment -- one person, one community-based job.

Shangri-La is continuing to provide:

Community Employment Path Services (virtual only at this time)

Community Employment Services (discovery, job coaching, job development)

Day Services (virtual only at this time)

This decision does not affect any I/DD or APD residential programs.

Over the next few weeks, Shangri-La is working with each individual affected and members of their support team to help transition them to employment path, community employment, or day services with Shangri-La or with another provider.

Shangri-La is excited to enhance it's Community Employment Services program over the next few years to help individuals with disabilities increase their skills and find meaningful careers with community businesses.

If you'd like to learn more about how your business can partner with Shangri-La to build a more inclusive workforce, visit

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