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Winter Newsletter 2020

Inside the Issue

  • Traveling pumpkin patch

  • Covid restrictions lead to a Virtual State Fair

  • $10,000 grant expands mental health telehealth services

Spring 2020 Cover.jpg

Spring Newsletter 2020

Inside the Issue

  • COVID-19 encouraged creative thinking

  • Better Together event raises funds for barrier-free homes

Winter 2019-2020.jpg

Winter 2019 - 2020

Inside the Issue

  • Mom's confidence is only the beginning of what she hopes to accomplish

  • My25 nutrition and menu planning software pilot off to a positive start.

  • Student explores the concept of happiness for individuals with disabilities.


Fall Newsletter 2019

Inside the Issue

  • Caesar the Llama champions acceptance, inclusion and accessibility at birthday party

  • Capital City Cornhole Classic sets records for attendance and outcomes

  • Interns bring magic of Dungeons and Dragons to therapy environment

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