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Spring 2021

Inside the Issue

  • Drive-Thru Accessible Egg Hunt

  • Better Together Raises Funds for RTH

  • Shangri-La Welcomes New Board Member


Winter Newsletter 2020 - 2021

Inside the Issue

  • February ice storm challenges

  • Donors reach new level of generosity

  • David's pursues faith-based goal

  • Program closures push for community employoment focus

Winter 2020-2021.jpg

Fall Newsletter 2020

Inside the Issue

  • Traveling pumpkin patch

  • Covid restrictions lead to a Virtual State Fair

  • $10,000 grant expands mental health telehealth services

Spring 2020 Cover.jpg

Spring Newsletter 2020

Inside the Issue

  • COVID-19 encouraged creative thinking

  • Better Together event raises funds for barrier-free homes

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